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I am a multi-disciplinary actor, writer, and visual artist. I received my BFA in Dramatic Arts from The New School with a minor in Printmaking from the Parsons School of Design. 


My main motivation in my pursuit of art is to offer the same solace, understanding and empathy my favourite artists and their work have had the generosity and kindness to offer me. And as I continue to explore my artistic identity, I begin to have a greater access to profundity, myself and the world around me. Often drawing inspiration from my emotional experience, I am fascinated by the inner world of characters and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and seek to investigate character driven stories.

Along with building a multifaceted career, I create for and curate my online zine.

Currently, as I to build my artistic community and continue to explore my perspective and identity as an artist, I am working on developing my

Television Pilot- Don't Consider the Moon.

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